CEV Program: Covid-19 Energetic Vaccine – An Interview with Dr. Savely Yurkovsky and Dr. Alex K. Rojas


Dr. Savely Yurkovsky and Dr. Alex K. Rojas are currently undertaking an expansion of testing within the US for the Covid-19 Energetic Vaccine/CEV and antidote created using Dr. Yurkovsky’s patented frequency imprinting technology. The following interview details the CEV program and the benefits of the Covid-19 Energetic Vaccine.

What are the benefits of this vaccine?

Dr. Savely Yurkovsky: To date I have conducted successful prophylaxis against the COVID-19 virus with the use of this vaccine since March 2020 to date. And have also used the same to successfully treat several infected patients with typical COVID-19 symptoms, some being healthcare workers currently dealing with the influx of infected patients at hospitals. One of the benefits of the energetic vaccine is it can also successfully be used as an antidote for already infected sick people.

Dr. Alex K Rojas

How did the idea about the CEV Program come about?

Dr. Alex K. Rojas: I became aware of Dr. Yurkovsky’s work in March 2020 through a mutual friend. The science intrigued me, especially in my position where I was doing a lot of data analytics work in the fight against COVID-19 and in dealing with supply shortages. I was moreover shocked at how many hundreds of scientific references existed supporting these vaccines, along with several professors of immunology, Nobel Laureates (Brian D. Josephson – Physics) and a former head of medicine at NASA (Roger Billica) strongly supporting this vaccine. Still, no one I spoke to in the public or private sector would help us to take something that was free and worked over something that Big Pharma could deliver, and everyone could make some money from.

Dr. Yurkovsky informed me of the many patients who had taken the preparation and developed the necessary antibodies to be immune to COVID-19. I got tired of waiting, calling, and emailing for anything to happen through the usual channels, I decided action had to be taken. No one was going to stop me from putting whatever I wanted to within my body, or my family’s, or close friends who happen to fit every ethnographic minority and take the antibody test afterwards and document the results. So, the program began that way and now we are hoping to expand these trials to something more clinical to benefit those who want to try something without side effects, who don’t like needles, who can’t pay to be vaccinated, and so on. I mean you have Pfizer/Moderna injections with polyethylene glycol causing all sorts of side effects, fertility issues, some even say casualties, and the Oxford AstroZeneca vaccine made from the adenovirus isolate taken from the stool of chimpanzees. Sorry I’d rather drink an energy imprinted water than literally have shit put in my arm.

What is the basic concept of the energetic COVID vaccine?

Dr. Savely Yurkovsky: The energetic COVID vaccine is based on the science of physics which makes it capable of being the US Navy SEALS of vaccines, instead of waiting around for a whole year to even start introducing a pharmaceutical vaccine with tolls of life already being one and a half million people dead, economies in shambles, and social isolation for several.  Physics makes the energetic vaccine answer – stunningly simple and 100% scientific. It is based on the premise that all microbes including COVID-19, as any substance in the world, have an energy field. This field can be imprinted in water that is a good energetic conductor and given to people whose bodies fundamentally represent energetic systems. Some scientists even refer to humans as biocomputers. So, our bodies respond to the field of the virus exactly the same as it would to an actual pharmaceutical vaccine.

There are several advantages to energetic vaccines such as that through a homeopathic production process or through a simple patented technology it can create millions of gallons (liters) of COVID-19 programmed water to be distributed all over the world in days. Also, these vaccines do not require any specialized medical personnel or facilities as they are taken orally (via mouth).”

Can you tell us more about the clinical trials?

Dr. Alex K. Rojas: I learned so many things from Dr. Yurkovsky, and I’m very glad he wants to help the world via his patented technology, like a modern-day Albert Einstein (whom was a patent clerk when he proposed the special theory of relativity) he is an outcast from the accepted medical vehicles to provide a cure, but we want to make people aware there are other ways to combat this pandemic.

One of the effects of this pandemic is fear, which is when you usually throw logic out, and follow the animal instinct of doing what the strongest says. What we are asking is to look past the fear and objectively take a look at the science, help us expand our trials, get this out to people it can help. This is a global pandemic, there are people who don’t have access to doctors or health resources which this can help.

Dr. Yurkovsky’s article in the Journal of Infectious Diseases goes into a lot of detail around setting up a controlled clinical trial quickly for this very scenario and it lists close to 500 references to back up the science.

Don’t go into pharmaceutical vaccines blindly, if this is manmade as I’ve seen in my dreams those responsible will alter Covid-19 it to make it worse and to have cosmetic symptoms to force people to take the pharmaceutical vaccines. The economics of supply and demand (sickness – cure).  An energetic vaccine solution can be quickly put into place, altered quickly, and distributed quickly for such an event.

Let’s learn from our mistakes and the suffering of those lost while we waited a year to get something that works.

As Einstein said, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”.

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