Sharlto Copley at his new projects

Sharlto Copley
Sharlto Copley

Sharlto Copley has played Wikus van der Merwe in the Academy Award-nominated science fiction film District 9, Howling Mad Murdock in the 2010 adaptation of The A-Team, Agent C. M. Kruger in the science fiction film Elysium, James Corrigan in the science fiction horror film Europa Report and King Stefan in the dark fantasy adventure film Maleficent. He also played the title character in the science fiction film Chappie, as Jimmy in Hardcore Henry, and starred in two seasons as Christian Walker of the TV series Powers. Copley is married to fellow South African actress and fashion model Tanit Phoenix.

Sharlto Copley is staring at The Beast, scheduled to release in August 19, 2022

Beast is produced by the prolific Will Packer and James Lopez, president of Will Packer Productions. The film is written by Ryan Engle (Rampage, Non-Stop) and is executive produced by Jaime Primak Sullivan and Bernard Bellew.

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