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Zeeshan Naq – “My Goal is to Continue Progressing forward with my dreams of Acting and modeling while enjoying life to the fullest.”

Exclusive interview with Zeeshan Naq – Actor & Model

Zeeshan Naq previously known as Shaun Nac as an actor but since his current name is closer to his real name Zeeshan Naqvi that’s why changed to Zeeshan Naq now. He is born in Lahore, Pakistan which is known for Lahore Fashion and Lollywood Pakistani film Industry. His Dad is a doctor and mom a house wife so rose in Dubai and passionate about Modeling and sports since his younger, middle school and high school days.

NY Glam: What are you currently working on?

I am currently collaborating with other producers, directors and writers so that can work on their future projects. There are couple of projects I am looking forward to be working in but cannot mention about them at this time.

NY Glam: Tell us a little bit more about this film, what is it about, who else are you working with, and who is the director?

I am looking forward to be working with his Director Saswata Bandyopadhyay and Tucker Brown on their projects too.

NY Glam: How did you come into modeling?

My Portfolio Shoot was for Kodak Studio in Dubai. I have always wanted to wear different stylish clothes and look good. My favorite designer growing up as a kid was Calvin Klein and always wanted to be in his fashion show.

NY Glam: What was your first big break in industry?

My first break was that I did a commercial for Ace Computer Education which showed in New York.

NY Glam: What are your goals as a model?

I will love to do Runway and High Fashion walk for Designers like Versace, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs etc.

NY Glam: How would you describe your personal style? What is your fashion style?

My Personal style is Casual with Jeans and T-Shirt. Fashion Style is wear Comfortable Clothes which make you look awesome

NY Glam: What’s one of the most interesting shoots that you’ve done?

I did Panasonic Print Shoot where I enjoyed working with other models and had the best food during breaks.

NY Glam: Describe your biggest accomplishment to date?

My biggest Accomplishment until now is winning the Mister Imperial Universe Pageant as Best Model International

NY Glam: What have you seen lately that’s inspired you?

There is always up and downs in Show biz. I have learned from watching other actors and models perform and that inspires me to continue going never ever give up on your dreams. Think big and always have faith in God and your capabilities that you will succeed and you will.

NY Glam: What fashion show would you love most to be on?

I will love to walk for Versace

NY Glam: What is your goal for this year?

My Goal is to Continue Progressing forward with my dreams of Acting and modeling while enjoying life to the fullest.

NY Glam: What is your advice for aspiring actors and models?

I say When times get tough Pray, have faith in your capabilities and never ever give up on your dreams. Always Dream Big and speak big as what you say and think that’s where your mind takes you and finds ways for you to be successful in your acting and modeling careers. Never Ever give up on your dreams though at times you will feel like it but keep going as your goals will get fulfilled when you say and think Big.


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