Tyler Perry Upcoming Movies And TV Shows

Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry

In 1991, Tyler Perry was working an office job, when he saw an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show (1986) discussing the therapeutic nature of writing. This inspired him to begin writing and he worked through his bad experiences by writing letters to himself. He adapted his letters into a play, “I Know I’ve Changed”, about domestic abuse. Unfortunately, after renting a theater in Atlanta to put on the play, he failed to attract audiences. He took on a series of odd jobs and found himself living in his car. But, in 1998, he was given a second chance to stage his play and, this time, he was more business-savvy with his marketing. The play was sold-out and drew attention from investors. Tyler has gone on to established a successful career as a writer, director and producer for stage, television and film.

Upcoming Tyler Perry Movies And TV Shows:

Don’t Look Up – Actor – TBA

All The Queen’s Men – Producer – TBA

A Jazzman’s Blues – Writer/Director/Producer – TBA

Sister Act 3 – Producer – TBA

Mabel – Creator/Producer – TBA

Whitney – Executive Producer – TBA


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