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Traveling by plane-paperwork and safety kit

COVID-19 paperwork

The COVID-19 documentation, includes a vaccination card and a copy of the card, a photo ID, and a negative coronavirus test result taken within the required window of time. Even if you’re traveling domestically and don’t think you need it, take it anyway. You never know when requirements might change.

A safety kit

A safety kit should include spare masks, disposable seat covers for dirty airplane seats, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and a power bank to charge your phone, so you can avoid high-touch areas like airport wall outlets. You have to keep the kit in your carry-on bag, so it’s ready any time you head to the airport.


A medication checklist is a top priority because. Taking twice the medication you might need.

If you’re set on international travel, understand what you’re in for: potential lockdowns, canceled flights, lost money from upfront bookings, and the risk of having to quarantine. And even domestic travel might feel precarious for those uneasy about the emergence of omicron. No matter where you’re headed, have a plan. And these days, it doesn’t hurt to also have a solid backup plan.


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