The Creative Writing Award


The International Screenwriting Competition (ISC) received over 1800 applications from all over the world: USA, England, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Peru, Brazil, Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, India, Malaysia, China, Japan, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Mexico, etc.

ISC gives out 10 monetary awards to encourage screenwriters around the world.  International Screenwriting Competition is a project organized by Nil Production Corporate, and is a part of International Filmmaker Festival of New York, held on NYC from 2012.

Below are the 2018 winners of ISC:

Feature film:

– Bruce Gordon            Composition                  $6,000.00

– Christen Kimball        Dirty Nights                 $5,000.00

– Felicia Tann               Napoli                             $4,000.00

-Violeta Bulic               Visitor X                         $3,000.00

– Justin Bamfour          Her Sister                      $2,000.00

-Mike Middelton         All about you                 $1,000.00

Short film:

-Louis Cohen               It’s Time                        $5,000.00

– Afia Frimpong           Pasadena                      $4,000.00

– Jamila Vance             Amigos                          $3,000.00

– Neil Kurt                     Elona                             $2,000.00

-Rohit  Lokhil               I’ll forgive you              $1,000.00

-Sarfaz Hassan             Suspected                      $500.00

The 2019 edition of ISC is now open and accepting applications. To learn more visit ISC.