Sara’s Book a movie Written & Produced by Mrika Krasniqi


Sara’s Book is a movie based on a true story by Sabije Dervishi – Veseli.

Written and Produced by Mrika Krasniqi. Directed by Iber Deari. Cast: Mona Mustafa, Mirsad Abazi, Drita Kaba-Karaga, Muzafer Etemi, Sefedin Shabani. Directed of photography by Fisnik Halili. Edited by Avdi Thaqi. Art Designs by Fisnik Halili. Produced by Nil Production Corporate in Association with Lumiere Films & I Films.

Sarah is a young woman who receives divine visions from Mother Teresa, but no one believes her. Everyone thinks that she’s sick.

The movie has been part in many International Film Festivals. Till now, Sara’s Book has won many international awards. The journey of the movie Sara’s Book is continuing.


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