Congratulations to all NYNG participants on your Selection!

Official Selection are:

  • Why I’m A Vegan by Lindsay Hicks /short/9:07/ US
  • The 4000 Blows by Frédéric Liver/short/37:00 min/ Belgium
  • Cachés Cachés by Winifred Brook Young/ short/ 21:28 min/ UK
  • Gaka by Tomoko Mukaiyama, Reinier van Brummelen/ short/ 24:26 min/Netherlands
  • Dajla: cinema and oblivion by Arturo Dueñas/ short/ 15:00 min/ Spain
  • 27 STEPS by Andrea Schramm/ short/ 21:02 min/ Germany
  • The Meeting by Iber Deari/ short/ 31:14/ North Macedonia
  • Killing Adam by Dino Sardella/ short/ 7:20 min / US
  • Gravity by Jo Peel/ short/ 8:46 min/ UK
  • Kemp-Barontini : drawings and pictures by Cristiana Cerrini/ short. 11:36/ Italy
  • Suit by Zeng Zhicong/ short/ 22:00 min/ China
  • Time and Desire by Luan Jinzhao/ short/ 17:00 min/ China
  • Fanaberia. Switch on the light by Laura Tamoši?nait?/ short/ 18:07/ Lithuania
  • Beyond The City Skyline by Tom Franz/ short/30:00 min/ US
  • Sara’s Book by Sabije Dervishi Veseli/ short/ 24:00 min/ US
  • Towards The Hill by Xavier Guàrdia/ short/ 18:04 min/ Spain
  • From Festival To Fascism: Cannes 2017 by Thomas DeMicco/ short/ 13:48 min/US
  • This night end by Thom DeMicco/ short/ 14:47 min/ US
  • Entropy by Dan Chen/ short/ 15:00 min / US
  • “Frappent” by Naser Shahrivar/ Painting/ US
  • Homosexuality by Mansi Kathuria/ Painting
  • AbstArt_002 by Luis Carlos Rodríguez/ Drawing/ Spain
  • To my sister by Jana Miller, Leah Jacob/ Drawing/ Germany
  • On / Off by Nicolas p. Villarreal/ animation/ 7:00 min/ Argentina
  • The Cherry Tree by Suzie Hanna/ animation/ 1:48min / UK
  • Guard of Honour by Edmunds Jansons/ animation/ 5:32 min/ Latvia
  • Beatrice by Vincenzo De Sio/ animation/ 5:00 min/ Italy
  • Fit for the future by Jonas Hofmann/ animation/ 1:07 min/ Switzerland
  • What Does it Mean to Accept Loneliness by Eli Copperman, Jeff M. Giordano/ animation/ 1:22 min/ US
  • Birds of a Feather by Richie Valentino/ animation/ 3:15 min/ Australia
  • Coming or Going by David Ehrlich/ animation/ 3:07 min/ US
  • Floating Blue by AKISAI M/ music video/ 5:14 min/ Japan
  • Late Fees by Dustin Paul Robichaux/ music video/ 4:52 min/ US
  • The Hijack: Jeffery Epstein by Rory D Abel/ music video/3:11 min/ US
  • Montaigne Technicolour by Courtney Brookes/ music video/ 2:50 min/ Australia
  • “What would I Do” Karolina Kizzie ft Riko by Beef Stew Radio/ music video/ US
  • Diah. Cozy by Aleksei Kovalevich/ Lyrics/ Belarus
  • We are by Nick Spicer/lyrics/ US
  • Ego by MK/ lyrics/ US
  • White Dream by Amir Hossein Nouri/ song/ India
  • Unfortunately by C VE/ song/ US
  • Angel by Maria Cristina Guidetti/ song/ Italy
  • The Muse and His Angel by Sharon Hudson/ song/ Canada
  • Wolves Beyond The Border by Justin Snikkar/ song/Canada
  • Cities of Ladies 2 (YOU) by Kim Noce/ virtual reality/ 5:50 min/ UK
  • Hello, World by Tyler Gruhn/ virtual reality/ 2:45 min/ US
  • Here not here by Beate Gördes/ installation/ 5:07 min/ Germany
  • Auricular Confession by Martin Del Carpio/ installation/ 11:02 min/ US
  • Solstice by Jonathan Galland/ performance/ 14:00 min/ US
  • Az by AZ/ performance/5:25 min/ US
  • The Fantastical Mime by James McConnell/ student/ 6:20 min
  • One shot by YIWEI XIE/ student/ 11:43 min/ China
  • Hedera by Fêt-Nat Bailly/ student/ 3:47 min/ UK
  • Spellbound by Amelia Parker/ student/ 3:27 min/ UK
  • Summer Years by Camilla Chasin/ student/ 3:42 min/ UK
  • Out Of My Depth by Ben Tillion/ student/ 2:41 min/ UK
  • Arachnarche by Emma Jordan/ student/ 3:58 min/ UK
  • The birds by Giorgi Tkemaladze/ experimental/ 12:40 min/ US
  • Portrait of My City Breathing by Vanessa Shah/ experimental/ 5:25 min/ Canada
  • Where Were We? by Cedric van Eenoo/ experimental/ 13:00 min/ US
  • Scary Places/Shapes & Sizes by Pamela Falkenberg, Jack Cochran/ experimental/ 5:59 min/ US
  • It’s not essential by Rossi stephane/ experimental/11:24 min/ France
  • Contrapunctus I by Qunyuan WANG/ experimental/ 4:10 min/ Germany
  • Dreaming in Aspect Ratio by Gwendolyn Audrey Foster/ experimental/ 2:28 min/ min/ US
  • Storm Goddess by Andrea Gluckman/ photography/ US
  • What nature knows by Gjert Rognli/ photography/ Norway
  • Apocalyptica by Arton Humolli/ photography/ Kosovo
  • High Altitude by George Varsimashvili/ photography/ Georgia
  • The Destruction Project by Jojin Van Winkle/ photography/ US
  • Make Up Artist by Eni Lena/ photography/ US
  • Venice after Covid by Fabienne Lawrence/photography/US
  • The Gateway by Vincenzo De Sio/ photography/ US
  • Doctors are many, but not like this one! by tiago mesquita/ photography/ Belgium
  • Silence by Sankalp Shukla/ photography/ India
  • Rock and Roll by Edward Dose/ photography
  • Southern California Piers by April McClure/ photography/ US
  • Early Morning Yacht Race by April McClure/ photography/ US
  • Frozen chaos by Lukas Van Loon/photography/ Germany
  • The Obscure Dandelions by Abdullah Al Kandari/ photography
  • Perfect Illusion by Piotr Kuszy?ski/ photography/ Poland
  • The age of innocence by Elaine Cristina Melo, photography/ Brazil
  • Mask of her by Marco Cucurnia/ photography/ Italy
  • Involution by martin del carpio/ photography/ US
  • Holding Hands by Paul Gatto/ photography/ US
  • On the Train by Kang Le/ photography/ Taiwan

Total Applications: 1236

Total Selected: 85

Participating countries:

USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Austria, France, Romania, Sweden, Denmark, Israel, Kosovo, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Switzerland , Italy, Norway, Spain, Macedonia, China, Japan, Korea, Sweden,  Belgium, New Zeeland, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Ireland, Netherlands, Vietnam, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Egypt,  Turkey, Taiwan, Poland, Lithuania, Georgia, Latvia and India.

Category & Awards:

*Best Photography Award *Best Painting Award *Best Portrait Award *Best Human Right image *Best image of nature *Best image of life *Best Music Video Award *Best Female Singer *Best Male Singer *Best Band Award *Best Directing Video *Best Designing Award *Best Make-up Artist *Best Song Award *Best Original Video *Best Animation *Best Installation *Best Student project *Best Experimental *Best Virtual Reality

NYNG will be held Online on January 7-10.

All news about NYNG can be found here:





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