The New York Nil Gallery 2018! The winners were awarded on November 9, 2018, and exhibited at the NYC Theater Galleries, on November 9, 10 & 11, 2018.

New York Nil Gallery Competition gives artists the original platform to express their vision of World celebrating based on their personal experiences and observations.

New York Nil Gallery mission is to encourage through art, the personal expression of World imagery, from people of all artistic skill levels and background, and to do so in an innovative and creative.

The 2018 New York Nil Gallery winners are:

1. Low angle-Jeremy B.
2. Mirror of mountain –Riccardo
3. Man standing -Cameron Adams
4. Grayscale – Bakir Abdullahu
5. Black butterfly-Aaron Chiani
6. Pink flamingos dancing- Hidde Sidon
7. Antelopes vals-Basvan Tideu
8. Elephant near deers- Lurn
9. Man and woman- Alex D.D
10. Grayscale rhinoceros-MW
11. Shape of Water- Joshua Coleman
12. Digital wallpaper- RPX
13. Angel against black background-RPX
14. Pile of acrylic – Aman Moss
15. On the Concrete road – Lum Lumi
16. Boy and fruits-AA
17. Woman’s life-F. Roslan
18. Man and black field-R.F. Tube
19. Shadow of person -J
20. Brown sandals- Sara S.

To learn more about the next competition visit www.nilproduction.net.

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