My soul howls like a wolf…


The morning starts with a wintery mist. Under the cover of the dark my path is illuminated by the glow of your presence that dwells inside of me. My soul howls like a wolf on the mountain tops. Creatures duck for cover at the sound of my voice. Crying out, I yearn to return to my love. As the waters with their force that can carve out the hardest of stone, my love for you, unmistaken and true. My feet are sure, my course has been set. The destiny I see taking shape in my mind, discloses secrets of bliss and a matrimony made in heaven. There is nothing that can hinder this love I carry for you. Like the blacksmith that forges his armor in the furnace, burning away all impurities for that perfect piece of steel. My love for you is tried by our distance that keeps us apart. In the end, at the moment of our uniting, a perfect love is on exhibit for the world to see. Unbreakable at true, the result of a master craftsman. No longer will the cry in the darkness be heard. We will be together. The mountains will bow down to prepare our way. The expanse of the universe will rejoice at our sight. The heavens will sing a new song and the joy of our beings will giggle with glee. Testing and tried will have been the path that led us to this place.
Water overcame the granite and carved a masterpiece. (Chad H. )

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash , Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash


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