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Jacobo Fe Gismera – “To fly high, you must be kind and gentle with the worm and the butterfly.”

Exclusive Interview with Jacobo Fe Gismera – Screenwriter

Jacobo Fe is a multi-award-winning writer and fashion model who attended UCLA for graduate studies in Screenwriting & TV Writing. At age 19, he became the youngest Spanish author to have a historical novel published and began a professional modeling career that has resulted in publications in over a dozen countries.

Recently hired to adapt a novel into a short movie, Jacobo’s historical and adventure screenplays have garnered 60+ awards, including WeScreenplay Competition, SRFA-Cannes or Script Summit, Quarterfinalist status in The Academy Nicholl Fellowship, Final Draft – Big Break, or Screencraft Fellowship, and Second-Rounder status in Sundance Institute Development Track and Launch Pad Competition. Ranking Top 2% in Coverfly, he has participated in Banijay Cannes Creative Incubator and NALIP Emerging Content Creators, been a finalist for Lena Waithe’s Hillman Lab, ISC, and Roadmap x Husslup Competition, and been featured in Forbes and Variety.

A native of Spain, with French citizenship as well, and holder of an O-1 visa, granted to “aliens with extraordinary abilities in the arts”, Jacobo won three major national art scholarships in a row: the Faro Program in 2017; the US-Spain Fulbright Award in Cinematic Arts in 2018, and the MMF Grant in 2019. Concurrently, he completed undergraduate studies in Filmmaking; Business Management; and Law in five countries: Spain, Italy, India, Thailand, and the USA; and he has visited 50+ countries to this day.

NY Glam: What projects are you currently working on?

I’m working on several projects for a Los Angeles-based production company with a talented and award-winning director. Screenplays for thrillers and dramas. They’re all story-driven. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to see my feature scripts made into movies and turn my passion into a career. Finally, I’ve reached a point where I can call myself a professional writer.

NY Glam: What makes a film great for you? Are there certain qualities that make a film better for you?

Filmmakers are storytellers who use moving pictures to relay their narratives. As a result, the story supports the entire film like the solid foundations of a building. Everything else falls apart without a solid script: the skeleton or carcass of every film or television series.

Whether we’re talking about drama or comedy, the film must establish an emotional or intellectual link between the viewer and its characters from the start to develop empathy or curiosity. These two essential elements fuel curiosity and maintain interest awoken.

Even if the film or television episode has an original premise or structure, addressing familiar themes, a social message, or a moral will help it resonate in viewers’ minds and influence their current perception of reality. That catalyst will spark debate, a dilemma, or critical thinking by connecting what the audience already knew or assumed with what they’ve just discovered through your story. That, in my opinion, is what makes a motion picture memorable. The same holds true for a life experience that we recall.

NY Glam: As a screenwriter, what is the most critical aspect of building a character?

Make them appealing to the audience. Likable. That doesn’t mean they do the right thing, but they have a skill, look, or way of life that is interesting enough to make someone spend their precious time watching the characters interact on a flat screen instead of doing something else with their lives. Social media has made this task more challenging than ever.

NY Glam: Top 3 favorite projects that you have been involved in?

My three most recent projects, “Halsted: Between Pleasure & Pain,” “Ambergris,” and “ACE,” are, in my opinion, ready for production. They have won over 100 awards, and each little recognition or accolade reinforces the idea that they deserve to be made into a movie someday. Many thanks to every individual, institution, festival, and competition that has supported me because they have all shaped my childhood dream of winning an Oscar for best screenplay one day. It’ll take some time, but I’m on the right track.

NY Glam: Do you express yourself creatively in any other ways?

I’ve been a male model who has been very productive in the fashion industry for the last decade. By requiring a rigorous workout and discipline, keeping my mind stable in the face of adversity, and meeting hundreds of creative people behind and in front of the camera, this job has helped me to grow. It’s an artist job that has allowed me to travel around the world, inspiring my stories and providing me with real-world education, as well as a lot of flexibility and quality time to devote to my greatest passion: writing.

NY Glam: What advice would you give to someone who wants to have a career in filmmaking?

I won’t use buzzwords like perseverance or hard work. When working in the entertainment industry, you understand how this world works. Without marketing, talent is meaningless. Working hard is, of course, necessary. However, you must learn to socialize and meet the right person at the right time because this is all about teamwork. We are a social species that, unfortunately, prioritize friendship over meritocracy. That applies to any field, discipline, or society. If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll need to network and progressively build your brand. Nobody knows how, and if they do, they won’t tell you. To fly high, you must be kind and gentle with the worm and the butterfly.

NY Glam: What can we expect from you in this actual year?

Perhaps my professional screenwriting debut. Time to answer with a smile two classic questions: “Do you have something produced? Something I can watch?”

NY Glam: Where can everyone keep up with you to learn more? …social media…website

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