Interview with Emiliano Sette, Director, Producer and Screenwriter


Emiliano Sette is Director with Raúl Koler and Executive Producer of Anacronte, a 3D CGI animated short film winner of more than 100 festivals and 300 selections worldwide. He also is the screenwriter in the animated TV series “Plim Plim the clown, a hero of the heart”. Broadcasted on Disney Junior Latin America, Channel 13 Argentina, Discovery Familia (USA), NETFLIX, awarded by the 2013 Martín Fierro Cable Award, Children / Youth category, and Cynopsis Kids! Magination Awards, honorable mention (2015).

Screenwriter and Director of “Reflejos”, animated short film Winner of the INFANCIAS (INCAA) award. Director and Screenwriter of the animation series “MILI” Winner of the Expotoons festival.

Emiliano Sette was the artistic director at Magic Gardens animation studios based in Buenos Aires. He currently serves as the Executive Director of Mr. Bug Studio in Argentina.

What projects are you currently working on?

Emiliano Sette: After a pandemic year with a lot of time at home and the beautiful receptions of Anacronte several projects came about , with Raul Koler, with whom I find great synergy in Anacronte. We also started to work in “The cry room”, a new animated short film, meanwhile we wrote the adaptation of Anacronte to TV series.

On the other hand, with my partner Alejandro Dajil we are working on actually on “Eloize”, a thriller series with some sci-fi aspects. This project has the mentoring of Peter Marshal and we had the possibility to participate in a round table with the two times academy award winner Paul Haggies.      

What is the new film “The cry room” about?

Emiliano Sette: In the short film ¨The cry room¨ the society needs a pill to be able to cry while the government distributes the pills with a particular selection, if the people don´t find the way to cry soon, the consequences are fatal. Eloize series talks about times where through a new app, the dreams become in the most popular social media and the manipulation of it is a big, unexpected danger.

What do you hope people will take away from the film?

Emiliano Sette: To be honest, I am not sure. I write the things that move me, and that depends on my moment, but each one has different emotional resonance. Maybe what’s important is to raise a question and let the audience find some inspiration and how they interpret it. At least, that is my experience when I see artistic expression that touches something in me, immediately I need to transform it into a new project o just a simple conversation with someone.

Top 3 favorite films/projects you have been involved in?

Emiliano Sette: Anacronte (Animation short film), El payaso Plim Plim (TV series), and Eloise (series) are the projects where I have learned more without hesitation. Each one of these projects consists of a gorgeous crew. It is a big privilege for me to be part of them.    

Tell us a bit about the other films you have made.

Emiliano Sette: Aisthesis was my first live-action film, shooting in 16mm, and also my first contact with festivals and the industry people. Reflejos animation film and Mili TV series animation project were great projects that we did in Canica Azul studio in Argentina, winner of Infancias INCAA and Expotoons.

Do you express yourself creatively in any other ways?

Emiliano Sette: Yes, I am interested in the movement, acrobatics, and the circus world. I act, write, and direct plays in this language too. It´s a place where I can mix the body with an emotional experience. Maybe another way to meditate. 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to have a career in filmmaking?

Emiliano Sette: In my side of the world, the way to find out that your project is making reality is working a double shift until your personal project has the strength to be the only one. It is very important to find the truth of your project for yourself.  I am not sure what is good advice, but there is one phrase of Carlos Castaneda that helps me a lot to choose where I put my energy.  The phrase says ¨And when you finally realize you’ve taken a heartless path, the path is about to kill you¨.

Are you working on your next project now?

Emiliano Sette: Yes, in a couple of them. We are attending different markets with Eloize´s series and always need an update. It´s a narrative long path in constant movement. We are working on it with our representative in LA, RM Vistar and the project is growing up a lot in each meeting. We have a beautiful team working on in a big project with a lot of personal aspects.

The animation short film ¨Cry room¨ is near to start production, we are finishing to analyze the budget with Raúl Koler. The most important thing after that is that we begin to enjoy it.

What are your personal goals for next year?

Emiliano Sette: In Mr. Bug studio we have find a very comfortable way to work in the last years, we wish to continue in this way and giving light to our next projects. We are working in live-action and animation brands and we had a great reception in 2020. After the last weird year, we hope to go back to take off and recover the physical contact with our team, our family, and friends.


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