Home Film  IFFNY Official Selection Results of 2022

 IFFNY Official Selection Results of 2022

11th Edition of IFFNY


*HOY/ Ricardo B’atz’ /1h 8 min / El Salvador

*THE STICKY SIDE OF BAKLAVA/ Maryanne Zehil / 1h 28min/ Canada

*WHY AM I ALIVE/Vilen Novak / 2H/ Ukraine

*THE VANISHED/ Arben Thaci / 1h 40min/ North Macedonia

*MESSED UP/ Acquiline Isabelle N Mkhosie / 01:31:57/ South Africa

*SILENT RIVER/ Chris Chan Lee / 2 h / USA

*LIGHT SLEEP / Jitaek Bae / 1h 11min / Korea

*FORBIDDEN WOMANHOOD/ Maryam Zahirimehr / 01:36:06/ Iran

*THE WOODMAN / Koutaiba Al-Janabi / 1h 16min/ Iraq

*NORTHEN QUALITY/ Tuukka Matti Johannes Temonen /1h 45min / Finland


*SOMTHING AIN’T RIGHT/ Susan Ruth Downs, MD, Alex Voss/ 01:11:59/US

*THE GOLD MACHNE/ Grant Gee/ 01:30:00/ Peru

*MATIAS’ TREE/ Pilar Perdomo Munévar/ 01:10:00/Colombia

*JANITOU/ Amine Hattou/ 01:21:00/ Algeria

*OF LAND AND BREAD/ Ehab Tarabieh/ 01:28:30/Israel

*HOPE/ Vjosa Abazi/49:49/ Kosovo

*SPANISH OLIVE GROVE / Fco Javier Fernandez Bordonada/76 min/Spain

*WITH A GUN IN THEIR HANDS/ Omar Tuero/106 min/ Spain


*THE BATH/ Anissa Daoud / 15min/ Tunisia

*FROM ME/ Imanol G. Gurrutxaga / 15min/ Spain

*ALTERNATIVE/ Archil Gugberidze / 8min/ USA

*THE RIFLEMAN/ Aurelien Recoing / 24min/ France

*ONE OF US LEFT THE PHOTO/ Malas Twins / 15min/Syria

*LAGEN/ Jan Muhlethaler/ 4min/ Switzerland

*NOT FAR OUT/ Beran Ergun / 11min/ Germany

*ANIMALS/ Carlos Tampe / 20min/ Chile

*TOAD/ Hongshi Zhong / 25min/ USA

*DIRTY HANDS/ Rosselet Ruiz Helene / 20min/ France

*TERJE SOFIE/ Malin Hannesdatter Sunde / 12min/ Norway

*VALERIA/ Alejandro San Martin / 15min/ Spain

*A PEEK INSIDE THE CHRISTCHURCH INTERNET TROLL AGENCY/ Lucinda Jones and Genevieve Kent / 13min/ New Zealand

*11 HOURS/ Maysoon Hussein / 9min/ Lebanon

*HOLD FOR APPLAUSE/ Gerald B. Fillmore / 5min/ USA

*URGE TO LIVE / Alexandra Roca / 26min/ USA

*THE PROMENADE/ Nico Falcone Georgiadis / 15min/ Sweden

*VAL / Ursula Monteiro / 15min/ Brazil

*MANUEL/ Mario d’Anna / 19min/ Italy

*HIKIKOMORI/ Borja Crespo / 13min/ Spain

*A NIGHT IN THE COSMICO/ Luis Da Val / 18min/ Spain

*ONE SHOT/ Xie Yiwei/ 11:49/ China

*CONSOLATION/ Alice Hong /18min /South Korea

*JASON BROWN/ Fabrizio Sergi/ 20 min/ Italy

*IMITITATION YAKUZA / Kentaro Yamagishi/30min/Japan


*VITROL/ Mark Clauburg/25mn/ US

*A LOVE LETTER TO ESTONIA/ Nicholas Amorim/14:21/Estonia

*THE SOLDIER’S UNIFORM/ Gary Kent/38min/ Australia

*THE AUTISM CYCLE: Parent- Provider-Organizations/Eurydice Roman/29:47/US



*A YEAR OF SUNDAYS/ Dameme Jeremie / 3min/ USA

*ASTRONAUTS/ Pauline Moreau/ 5:25/France

*AGAINST THE GROUND/ Gianinni Semedo Moreira, Jamila Hache/ 3:39/ Venezuela

*MONTAIN BEAR / Jeremy Northcote/ 3:19/ Australia

*FLOATING BLUE / AKISAI M / 5:14 min/ Japan


*RETURN TO THEIR ORIGIN/ Hsin-Rou Shiau/4:34 / Taiwan

*I LOVE YOU JESUS / Julia Maria Marchowska/3:55/ Poland

*THE BOY AND THE MOUNTAIN/Santiago Aguilera, Gabriel Monreal/11:23/Chile

*ALL THOSE SENSATIONS IN MY BELLY/ Marko Djeska/ 13:19/ Croatia

*BLACK & WHITE/ Jesús Pérez, Gerd Gockell/ 5:30/ Switzerland

Total: 844 applications

Selected: 60 projects

Countries: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Austria, France, Romania, Sweden, Ukraine, Denmark, Israel, Kosovo, Slovenia, Croatia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Singapore , Italy, Norway, Spain, Macedonia, China, Japan, Korea, Israel,  Belgium, Romania, New Zealand, Ukraine, Moldova, Ireland, Netherlands, Vietnam, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Puerto Rico,  Poland, Morocco, Lebanon, Iraq, Hong Kong, Greece, Georgia, Finland, El Salvador, Colombia, Estonia, Tunisia, Chile, Iran,  Taiwan, Venezuela, Uruguay, Syria, South Africa, Cayman Islands, Belarus, Bulgaria, Algeria and India.

Category 6:

-Feature Film

-Short Film

-Feature Documentary

-Short Documentary


-Music Video

Awards for 2022:

*Best Feature Film

*Best Short Film

*Best feature Documentary

*Best short Documentary

*Best Animation

*Best Music Video

*Best Actor Award

*Best Actress Award

*Best Screenplay Award

*Best Cinematography

More info coming soon: www.iffny.com


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