Florence Cazebon – “I hope to win this competition of screenwriting to produce my  movie and to play like actress in this  movie “


Exclusive interview with Florence Cazebon – Screenwriter

Florence  Cazrbon-Taveau  is a French  painter  and  writer  who    has   a very original  and particular  modus  operandi , she paints  exclusively  with  her fingers   and  she is medium . No preparation only instantaneousness in the artistic   gesture like   the Impressionists did, real rebels of the pictorial rules and the contours, privileging the sensation.

NY   Glam:  did   you have   any specific   influences   growing up    that   lead   you towards   the film industry? 

  I am actress and plural artist: historical writer, poetess, medium with several vibrations.

 My Abstract art is as definite by James Guitet . Charged of many passions with rapidity of execution .I like   to be in a   medium gestural with   much liberty.

NY Glam:  What makes    a film interesting for   you? What   are   these    qualities   that you look for in a movie?

 The    imagination, the secret, the action, the spirituality   and the wonderful. 

NY Glam: What   are you most proud of? Describe your biggest   accomplishment to date?

I am proud  of   my historical   screenplay movie   on   the  treasure  of  abbey  Sauniere of  Rennes   le château in France in competition  My biggest   accomplishment  today  is  that  I   have  written during   fifteen years of historical research   most  of ten    books about  the  treasure  of  abbey Berenger  Sauniere of   Rennes the  Castle    and  on    the Graal of templars . Books published  by  ABM Editions   : «  La rose des vents    »   then «   the Graal  et le trésor de Rennes le Château » by Editions  Abcd’r  or   six  others  historical  books  on this  mystery  of    Rennes    the Castle  by   Editions Edilivre.  I am proud today of the originality  of my  screenplay movie  on Rennes   the Castle  and the priory of Sion in competition   who  is  made  by historical  real elements and  real people  but also  with  my imagination  and my   medium aspect.

NY  Glam : As  a  screenwriter ,what  is the most important  aspect  of  building a character ?

  This is the   mystery and spirituality with the action under the medium aspect

NY Glam: What are your ambitions   for you   writing career? 

  Yes  I hope    to  win   this competition  of  screenwriting  to  produce   my  movie and  to play  like  actress in this  movie .

NY Glam: Do you have   any upcoming projects   that you’re super excited   about?

Yes  because  I   am  a  woman writer   with  twenty books  published     on    Van Gogh , Jean Cocteau , Paul Cézanne  ,Camille Claudel     and on   my medium aspect with my spirituality    :  “ La grâce de Dieu “ , “Resurrection (Jésus Christ )” , “Les  trois petites lumières d’orient(   medium  book ) published. Also  I would  like  to see  my books  translated  in  American  language. To sell my several books in United States and towards all countries in the world. But also   that my other   screenplay movie on   “Camille Claudel”    published (with    a sequence pilot   where I   play Camille Claudel) becomes   a great movie.

NY Glam: what advice   would   you give to someone who is aspiring to enter the film industry?  The advice?

 Many talent, inspiration,   imagination, strong and determination.

NY Glam: can you discuss    any   future projects   or direction you are taking in regard to film making?

      I have many future projects with my books who can may be   realized in films. But today my ambition is to   win this competition!


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