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Traveling by plane-paperwork and safety kit

COVID-19 paperwork The COVID-19 documentation, includes a vaccination card and a copy of the card, a photo ID, and...

20 Best-Selling Books of All-Time

Religious and political books such as The Bible, Quran, and Quotations from Chairman Mao are believed to have more than a billion copies each in existence....

“Keep going. Greatness always encounters resistance.”- Gabriela Marie Milton

Exclusive Interview with Gabriela Marie Milton - Author Gabriela Marie Milton is an internationally published author and the editor of...

7 Years with International Screenwriting Competition (ISC)

7th Edition of International Screenwriting Competition, open calls for its 7th Edition of 2022 International Screenwriting Competition is a...

“If you give life to a character, their actions need to be out of logical progression, not convenient script editing.” – Kevin Howard

Exclusive Interview with Kevin Howard - Author & Screenwriter Kevin J. Howard is a world-renowned author/screenwriter with twelve award-winning screenplays....

“Collaboration is the key and choosing your collaborators will elevate your work so much. ” – Larry Manuel

Exclusive Interview with Larry Manuel - Filmmaker Born and raised in New York City, Larry Manuel found filmmaking while working...

“If you have access to the written screenplay, read its scenes in between watching the movie.”- Stephen Floyd

Exclusive Interview with Stephen Floyd - Filmmaker Stephen Floyd is a member of the Dramatists’ Guild of America, Player-Playwrights Kilburn (London)...

“If you have great ideas, work on those ideas and bring them to life. ” – Mihnea Cernat

Exclusive Interview with Mihnea Cernat - Artist, Filmmaker & Photographer Mihnea Cernat, is an artist, a photographer...
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