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Joe Leone – “Creative expression is a tremendous stress reliever – very therapeutic…”

Exclusive Interview with Joe Leone - Screenwriter Joe Leone is an American Screenwriter, President/CEO - Write Now Productions LLC,...

Aaron Smith: “Receiving a cash prize from ISC gives me the satisfaction of being the best.”

Exclusive Interview with Aaron Smith - Screenwriter-filmmaker Aaron Smith o was born in Bronx, NY. He graduated from Manhattan...

Drew Anderson – “Have small goals that are achievable, search every venue to help you gain the opportunity of your creative passion…”

Exclusive Interview with Drew Anderson - Screenwriter NY Glam: What projects are you currently working on?

Giovanni D’Amaro – ” The accomplishment I am most proud of is the work I did on my script The Guilt.”

Exclusive interview with Giovanni D’Amaro - Writer & Director Giovanni D’Amaro is a writer director based in Rome. He...

Sarah Jamgotch – “I build my characters around the concepts I want to explore, push up against, and debate within myself.”

Exclusive Interview with Sarah Jamgotch - Screenwriter Sarah Jamgotch made her bold debut into scriptwriting by becoming a finalist...

Nicholas Zakrajcek – “It’s the difference between just having a job on some film and having the film be yours…”

Exclusive interview with Nicholas Zakrajcek - Filmmaker Bio: ”Nicholas Zakrajcek is a young film writer & director well ahead...

Marina Tetarić Prusec – “Be who you are, believe in yourself and never give up. Also, be patient.”

Exclusive Interview with Marina Tetarić Prusec - Director & Screenwriter Marina Tetarić Prusec is a Croatian film director. Born...

Florence Cazebon – “I hope to win this competition of screenwriting to produce my  movie and to play like actress in this  movie “

Exclusive interview with Florence Cazebon - Screenwriter Florence  Cazrbon-Taveau  is a French  painter  and  writer  who    has   a very...
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