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Cherry Fu – “Never stop when you think you accomplished big but you are still learning and running throw paths to achieve your goal.”

Exclusive Interview with Cherry Fu - Actress Actress Cherry Fu is an internationally renowned Asian-American actress who has worked...

JW Richardson -“Filmmaking is a great world, and it is important to follow the dream.”

Exclusive interview with JW Richardson - Screenwriter NY Glam: What projects are you currently working on?

Ruth Murray – “…love the sound and rhythms of words and the sight of action. And get feedback.”

Exclusive interview with Ruth Muray - Screenwriter Ruth was born and brought up in Ireland -  Derry (then, alas,...

Amina Zhaman – ” My next role is the most challenging in my career because I’ll play it in the language that I am...

Exclusive Interview with Amina Zhaman - PhD in Arts/ Writer/Composer-/ Film and stage director Amina Zhaman, PhD in Arts,...

Bill Brock – “As I type away and breathe life into a character, I must care about the individual.”

Bill Brock is an American screenwriter who has tossed a variety of artistic hats into the ring of entertainment, including that of...

Michael John Dunker – “Not everyone wants to be a director and there are hundreds of creative careers in the film business.”

Exclusive Interview with Michael John Dunker - Writer / Director Born outside Chicago, Illinois, Michael graduated from Sycamore...

Jaroslaw Gogolin -“I will continue my filmmaking path, first of all, the film editing, and also continuation of writing.”

Exclusive Interview with Jaroslaw Gogolin -Writer/Director Jaroslaw Gogolin started his film adventure eight years ago as a...

Evan Pearson – “Dreams are what keeps an artist alive and truth be told, it’s what keeps people going in general!”

Exclusive Interview with Evan J. Pearson - Filmmaker/Screenwriter Evan J. Pearson is a Canadian-born Screenwriter and Filmmaker. His...
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