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“Surround yourself with a loyal and talented team.” – Lane Gifford

Exclusive Interview with Lane Gifford - Artistic Director Lane Gifford is artistic director of LaneCoArts, a New York based...

“The artist can be perceived as the link between reality and the endless possibilities of dreams…”-Paulo Amsel

Exclusive interview with Paulo Amsel - Designer & Visual Artist Paulo Amsel was born in 1962 in Santarem, in...

“Flaws leave room to grow and transform into something more evolved. ” -JRN Artemis Biche

Exclusive Interview with JRN Artemis Biche- Abstract Painter JRN Artemis Biche is an up-and-coming abstract painter from the...

“My art is part of me and in my art, I’m communicating who I am both as an artist and a person.”-Hollie Ross

Exclusive Interview with Hollie Ross - Artist Hollie Ross is a self-taught fluid acrylic abstract artist based in Atlanta,...

“The role of art in life is to drive us to live life with creativity.”-TIKKYWOW

Exclusive interview with Pichet Rujivararat “TIKKYWOW” - Artist He completed Art Education from Chulalongkorn University. For many years,...

“Painting gives me peace. I feel deep inner peace during the process of creating. It is only me and white canvas. “-Maciej Kowalski

Exclusive interview with Maciej Kowalski - Artist NY Glam: Tell us a little about yourself and your career beginnings.

“Art is a creative work produced by mankind, and it is one of party of the human culture.”- Yusuf Altay

Exclusive Interview with Yusuf Altay - Artist/Painter Yusuf Altay was born on 18th of February 1968 in Samankaya village,...

“Fall in love with your craft, your instrument, your own journey and let life conspire with you.”-Wendy Lechuga

Exclusive Interview with Wendy Lechuga - Actress Wendy Lechuga is a multifaceted Mexican actress with experience on TV, Short...
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