Home Film -BEST SHORT FILM AWARD @IFFNY "THE PROMENADE" by Nico Falcone Georgiadis /...

-BEST SHORT FILM AWARD @IFFNY “THE PROMENADE” by Nico Falcone Georgiadis / Sweden

“THE PROMENADE” by Nico Falcone Georgiadis is awarded Best Short Film at the 11th Edition of International Filmmaker Festival of New York

‘We take a walk to find a way, to find the answers or just a cigarett to calm us down. Are we connected without knowing it… captured in a mixed of realities in the promenade of life?

Some stories can not fade away while we are moving close to one another but in the same time close can be far away in a crossroads of realities.”

Nico Falcone Georgiadis born in Germany by Greek parents and grow up in Sweden, studied in film and acting school in US/ LA and Sweden. Have a burning passion for filmmaking that involves people behavior in stressed or desperate situations etc. Catching the authentic feeling of the extreme and flexible human behavior when pressure is sneaking up on us or just catch us by surprise.

Director Statement

Shortfilm: The Promenade about life captured in a promenade and in a crossroad of realities. A mixing way of objectivity when life chalange us and remind us that there is many realities walking close to us and we all have a personal story when the blues hit us stright from life it self. We can be close but so far away in the same time in “The Promenade”

The Directors philosophy/
Life is like writing a book with many chapters, the thing is to make it worth reading.
/Nico Falcone Georgiadis
Film director & Actor


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