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Best Feature Documentary @IFFNY ” WITH A GUN IN THEIR HANDS/ Omar Tuero/ Spain

The winner of Best Feature Documentary at The International Filmmaker Festival of New York awarded: WITH A GUN IN THEIR HANDS by Omar Tuero

“With the end of the Spanish Civil War, hundreds of republican soldiers refused to surrender to the rebel
fascists nor to take the path of the exile, choosing instead to carry on the fighting in defense of the 2nd
Republic by their own means in the mountains as a guerrilla force. This documentary tells, by the
testimony of several survivors, the hardness’s the local population of Asturias, (north-western Spain), had
to endure on their daily life in those years of terror, political repression and death, showing the
indomitable spirit such a group of guerrilla fighters and liasons had in those days were they were hunted
down like beasts, living with the only certainty that the hour of their death was close, but still carrying on
the fight in defense of the republican legality with a gun in their hands.”


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