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12 World-recognized pandemics in history

Some of the most brutal killers in human history are:Cholera, bubonic plague, smallpox, influenza and Spanish flu. Between 300-500 million people have...

“I love to work in a team with creative people who inspire me…”-Jonas Riemer

Exclusive Interview with Jonas Riemer - Filmmaker Jonas Riemer was born near Berlin in 1990 and studied animation...

“Sometimes the creative ideas I got in painting can give me more inspiration…”- Tian Weiping

Exclusive Interview with Tian Weiping - Artist & Scriptwriter Tian Weiping, born in 1956, graduated from...

“I like to make movies in some primitive and undeveloped places…” -Professor Qin Xiujie

Exclusive Interview with Professor Qin Xiujie -Cinematographer Professor Qin Xiujie, graduated from Fine Arts Department of Northeast...

“I will make efforts to make more good films and strive for greater achievements.”-Xue Chao

Exclusive Interview with Xue Chao - Film Director Xue Chao , an award winning director, grew up in...

“Film as a special type of art contains a very large expressive power…” – Li Xinxin

Exclusive Interview with Li Xinxin -Producer Producer Li Xinxin graduated from Library and Information Science Department of...

“Casting is everything. I have immense respect for actors.”- Mark Clauburg

Exclusive Interview with Mark Clauburg -Filmmaker Award-winning filmmaker Mark Clauburg is gearing up for the festival run of...

“Work hard and let your work do the talking….” -Besir Zeciri

Exclusive Interview with Besir Zeciri - Actor NY Glam: Tell us a little about yourself, growing up and...
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