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“My style is a response to my idea and the resources I have to make a movie.”- Abby Pierce

Exclusive interview with Abby Pierce - Filmmaker Abby Pierce is a director, writer, actor, and teaching artist. She...

“Be honest with yourself, find your strengths and work around that.”-Christina Katsiadakis

Exclusive interview with Christina Katsiadakis - Screenwriter Christina Katsiadakis wrote her first script at the age...

“I am very passionate about creating a network/ platform for all filmmakers”-Mrika Krasniqi

Exclusive Interview with Producer & Director Mrika Krasniqi NY Glam: Mrika, can you tell us about your beginnings...

“I keep growing and evolving with every project I do.”-Einat Propper

Exclusive interview with Einat Propper - Filmmaker Einat Propper is a filmmaker, actress, and video editor living in...

“I accompany myself when singing and I love learning classical pieces.”- Lea Kalisch

Exclusive interview with Lea Kalisch - Musician & Actress Lea Kalisch was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland, in...

“As an artist, I think it’s crucial to find a connection between your artistry and your personality.”-Enat Ventura

Exclusive interview with Enat Ventura - Musician A Swiss-born Israeli, Enat Ventura grew up musically between two worlds — her...

“Figure out what you’re good at, be honest with yourself about whether or not you have good taste.”-Kyle Leland

Exclusive interview with Kyle Leland - Producer, 1st AD, & Editor With the privilege of growing up in the...

“Loving what you do and being blessed with amazing people around you!”- Karen Johnson Miller

Exclusive Interview with Karen Johnson Miller -Musician NY Glam: What is your music background? Do you write your own songs?
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